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Hi Cub Cadets this Head Ted speaking and welcome to the Kids Page.

Now I know that many of you are are working hard at your reading and writing skills (as well as Teddy Cricket of course), but you are not quite ready just yet to read everything on this page so you may have to ask Mum or Dad to help out.

I also know many of you Cub Cadets are very keen to lean more about the bears at my Teddy Cricket Academy. You also love to colour in Teddy Cricket pictures. So, I thought it would be a great idea to provide you with all of the Teddy Cricket Academy Cub Cadets to colour in, together with some interesting information about each bear

So here we are, ask your mum or dad to download and print out pictures below so you can get colouring as soon as possible.
Also get your Mum or Dad to read out all of that interesting information I have provided!

Teddy Cricket Copy Colouring

We know that Cub Cadets love colouring in pictures; with Teddy Cricket Copy Colouring children can either choose to colour in the picture as it was originally created OR they can be creative themselves and do their own thing… the choice is theirs!

Here we have our first Copy Colouring Picture of Danny Bear playing Teddy Cricket; why not download this, print it out and get colouring?