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Flexible and profitable operation that involves working closely with young children, and what is more setting up a Teddy Cricket operation is very inexpensive!

About Teddy Cricket franchises

It can either be run to complement an existing business from a dedicated premise such as a sport, cricket or leisure club or it can be run from a home office and be delivered in a designated territory, to pre-schools, nurseries, kindergartens, sports clubs and public cricket courts.

We will not be formally launching Teddy Cricket until Spring 2019 but we will be very keen to speak with potential Teddy Cricket Franchisees before then.

Teddy Cricket Franchise Enquiry Form
FAQs for franchisees

Do I need to be a qualified cricket coach to operate a Teddy Cricket franchise?

No you do not, the most important requirement is to have an affinity to work with young children, be entrepreneurial and have be a competent sports player.

Do I need to have access to cricket court(s) to run a Teddy Cricket Franchise?

No you do not. Teddy Cricket can be taught anywhere, inside or outside. The most important requirement is that the surface of the playing space is suitable for the balls to bounce evenly and it is safe for the children to play.

There are lots of children’s franchise programs on the market, what are the Unique Selling Points (USP’s) of Teddy Cricket?

Teddy Cricket has many USPs but the top four are:

  • Teddy Cricket Music: There are currently over 30 Teddy Cricket songs in the Teddy Cricket music catalogue; each song has been specifically written for a particular Teddy Cricket Activity and provides the right rhythm and timing for doing the activity; the words of the song tell the children what to do. No other children’s franchise programs has developed such a focused or extensive range of music to accompany their programs.
  • Teddy Cricket Pictures: every Teddy Cricket Activity, of which there are currently over 40, is taught using pictures of teddy bears playing Teddy Cricket; this simple, interactive approach to teaching young children works brilliantly.
  • The Teddy Cricket Coaches Manual: its unique, its comprehensive, it’s educational, it’s engaging, there is noting like it on the market and best of all young children love it.
  • Teddy Cricket’ teaching system follows a curriculum and has been developed using the Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) accelerated learning style.

How long has Teddy Cricket been operating?

The forerunner of Teddy Cricket is Teddy Tennis.  Teddy Tennis has been trading since 2008 and to day is being delivered in locations all around the world.

Teddy Cricket is new.

Why should I open a Teddy Cricket franchise instead of trying it on my own?

Teddy Cricket is proven and works, brilliantly. To set up something remotely similar of your own is doable but it would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, take several years to complete and by then Teddy Cricket will have been further developed to make it even better still.

What makes a successful Teddy Cricket Franchisee?

There are four characteristics that make a Teddy Cricket Franchisee successful:

    • Integrity: i .e. commit to doing what you say you will do!
    • Drive: i.e. to make your Teddy Cricket Franchise happen, it won’t do it on its own!
    • Time: i.e. time to devote to selling, marketing, managing and delivering Teddy Cricket in your territory or at your club.
    • Passion: a passion for working with young children

What are the costs for setting up a Teddy Cricket Franchise?

There are four costs that you will need to cover in order to set up a Teddy Cricket Franchise or License

  •  Franchise fees vary based on the size of your franchise territory or if you decide just to license one location.
  • There is a onetime training fee. This amount varies based upon the number of Coaches being trained and any travel/accommodation expenses.
  • Equipment: you will need at least one set of Teddy Cricket equipment which includes the training manual, music, racquets, balls, net and other Teddy Cricket branded items. This cost can vary based on the number of locations.
  • Royalty Fees: the royalty fee is set at 10% of your gross revenue and is paid monthly, quarterly or at specified dates throughout the year in arrears.

Is the Teddy Cricket business seasonal?

Yes and no; Teddy Cricket is a year round business (particularly in nurseries and pre-schools) but it’s popularity does go up in the Spring and Summer which are very definitely the peak periods.

What is the normal size of a Teddy Cricket Franchise operation?

A typical Teddy Cricket territory covers a population base of 200,000 people +/- 10%. The geographic size in terms of area can vary enormously.

How long does it take for a typical Teddy Cricket Franchisee to start making some money?

A Teddy Cricket franchise will make some money when they receive payment for their first Teddy Cricket lesson however it will take a little time for a Teddy Cricket franchisee to establish a sustainable, profitable business; typically this is between 6 to 9 months.

Are there any limitations to how big I could make my Teddy Cricket franchise

The only limitation you have to expanding your franchise is when you reach 100% saturation level of children aged 2½ to 6 learning Teddy Cricket in your area. To achieve anything close to this you will need to recruit a team of coaches to help you deliver the Teddy Cricket lessons. You can of course expand you business by opting to purchase more Teddy Cricket territories.

What support does Teddy Cricket provide to its Franchises?

We provide an extensive level of support to help your franchise as our success is based upon you being successful.
We provide 5 types of support:

  • Music, pictures, story book and products.
  • Training and coaches manual.
  • Business Development: we require all franchisees to have monthly conference calls with Teddy Cricket to discuss the development and expansion of their business and offer mentoring and advice as and when it is needed.
  • Marketing: good marketing is critical for the success of your franchise. Teddy Cricket provides franchisees with a wide range of marketing material that has been designed to be customized so as to meet your specific needs… and if we don’t have want you need, we will create new marketing artwork that will deliver what you require as part of the service.
  • Coaching and Assessment: we are continually developing new activities, songs and lesson plans and to keep you abreast of what is new we provide franchisees wi th one on one Skype calls (and where possible face to face meetings) with the creator of the activi ti es and music, Head Ted Senior (alias Richard Bean). These calls and meetings happen as and when requested by our franchisees.

How do you deliver training for new Teddy Cricket Franchisees?

Training is very important, even to well qualified cricket coaches as the teaching system that is used in Teddy Cricket is quiet different from conventional cricket coaching. There are two methods to be trained to become a Teddy Cricket Coach:

  • Attend a Teddy Cricket Training Course: Teddy Cricket training courses are periodically held at designated centers in different geographic locations.
  • Have Teddy Cricket Trainers Deliver training at Your Location: If you have several coaches to be trained, it may be more economical to arrange to have Teddy Cricket Trainers deliver Teddy Cricket training at your location.

What plans do you have to further develop Teddy Cricket?

It is our intention to keep Teddy Cricket fresh, vibrant and new, hence we are continually writing new songs, creating new activities drawing new pictures and revising and developing new lesson plans: so you can expect to see a continual on – going evolution of Teddy Cricket.

How soon can I get a Teddy Cricket franchise up and running once I have signed the franchise agreement ?

This can happen very quickly a fter you have signed the Franchise Agreement. Once you have signed the proposal, we need to organize your training and order your initial equipment. After your training we provide you with access to all the Teddy Cricket Marketing material. After all the requirements are completed you will need to start marketing and plan for your initial complementary trial lessons and scheduling your initial set of lesson: this whole process can be done in less than 1 month.

Where can I get more information about Teddy Cricket?

Either contact us on +44 (0)345 643 1173 or visit our website www.teddy


  • The Teddy Cricket Website:
  • YouTube: There are a large number of Teddy Cricket videos on YouTube: go to and put Teddy Cricket in the search box and you will find them.

What are the next steps for me to set up a Teddy Cricket franchise?

Call us on +44 (0)345 643 1175 for an informal chat or email us at