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Where can I play Teddy Cricket?

Teddy Cricket is available in the UK as well as overseas.

To book lessons, click on the “find a class” page on our system.

We will be looking for new business partners who would like to teach Teddy Cricket. If you are interested in setting up a Teddy Cricket Franchise please refer to the Teddy Cricket Franchise section.

Do you need a Cricket pitch to play Teddy Cricket?

No you do not need a Cricket pitch to play Teddy Cricket. Teddy Cricket can be played anywhere where there is suitable space indoors or outdoors.

Does Teddy Cricket teach children to play Cricket properly?

Absolutely. In fact they could not receive a better start to Cricket. Every Teddy Cricket games and activity has been specifically designed to help a young child develop the key fundamental skills of Cricket. Graduates of the Teddy Cricket Academy will have developed the highest skill levels, and ones that will set them up to be successful Cricket players for life.

Can a child of 2½ years of age really learn to play Cricket?

Yes, children aged 2½ will learn to play Cricket correctly through Teddy Cricket; the system works brilliantly and what is more, children love it and will want to play more and more.

Can I set up a Teddy Cricket franchise in my area?

We would be delighted to hear from businesses and individuals who would be interested in setting up a local Teddy Cricket franchise; both here in the UK and overseas.

For more information see our Teddy Cricket Franchise section.

What is the history of Teddy Cricket?

Teddy Cricket is NEW but the concept began in 2002 with the tennis version of the programme, Teddy Tennis.

Teddy Tennis was created to make the process of learning to play tennis to be easy, enjoyable and above all fun for children aged 2 – 5+ years.  Teddy Cricket will do the same.

Throughout the development of Teddy Tennis, music and songs were always seen as an integral part of the teaching method, but a key breakthrough came when pictures of the teddy bear characters were combined with original songs into the learning process.  The combination of sight and sound, two key human senses has proved to be a very powerful teaching/learning tool, and one that proved to really work.

Teddy Cricket has been successfully trialled at Richmond Cricket Club in West London in July and August 2018.  The formal launch of the programme will follow in early Spring 2019.